Protect Your Hair in the Sun!

Protect Your Hair in the Sun!

Hello my Curly friends! Summer is here, so as a damaged hair as well, and right now, I want to talk about it…how to protect your hair over this beautiful, amazing, fun time in the sun!! which comes, is vitamin D, but it comes with UV as well and we have to protect our hair really, really, well to have your healthy curls for the rest of the year, and the first is very important —1)True – you have to know that Sun UV lights is bad, when it’s in combination with saltwater or chlorine, which is exaggerating damaging power! If you want to eliminate that problem, you should wet your hair before you go in the water and try to put moisture conditioner, so chlorine or salt-water have less chances to get in it.

That is one of the ways to protect your hair! 2) Second way how we can protect your hair, is using UV protection sprays, the ones you’re using for your body, so just make sure there’s SPF 50 when you spray on your hair, try to do it in layers, like you would do section and three will be enough probably, 10-12 inches from your head, spray all over, you don’t need to spend a fortune on hair protections! This is will work as well as on your body – that easy!

3) The third one the fun part! How to protect your hair? Cover them up as much as of your face. Use the pretty hats, fabulous scarfs, cool hats, sport baseball hats, Chinese ones, but no visors. It’s not good for your hair. It will dry out and bleach your color.

Look fantastic through the summer and keep healthy, smiling, and dancing. SHINE for the rest of the year and I’ll talk to you soon…

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