23 Jun

Protect Your Hair in the Sun!

Hello my Curly friends! Summer is here, so as a damaged hair as well, and right now, I want to talk about it…how to protect… Read More
30 Jul

Why Condition Your Curls?

Since 75% of human race has a curly population, isn’t it amazing to have curls and be different? Today, I want talk about how important… Read More
07 May

How Often to Shampoo?

FRIZZ? What Frizz is?? And I tell you ,when professionals century ago was recommending shampoo twice at one time ,now Curly Experts, includes me Will… Read More
30 Apr

Keeping Curls During Sleep

Girls did you ever think how to keep your curls for longer and have no frizz?? You can safe them twice long, so when you… Read More
27 Apr


Girls, one little secret how to keep your frizzles,sexy style longer...Being in hair and beauty industry for over 26 years and had experience with all… Read More
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