Why Condition Your Curls?

Why Condition Your Curls?

Since 75% of human race has a curly population, isn’t it amazing to have curls and be different?

Today, I want talk about how important conditioners are!  Because all curls are different and different curls have different porosity hair, mostly, it’s low porosity. It makes absorbing hard and all the conditioner not going penetrate under hair cuticle.

So, what do you do?

When you put your conditioner in the shower, I recommend starting from bottom and working it up adding more, but don’t put on scalp.  You will clog pores. Use your fingers and work it in like you trying to smooth it out! You can even do it in sections independent how thick your hair is, but you want make sure not missing any curls.  Make all curls happy!

Don’t even skip conditioner in the shower!  Don’t rinse all conditioner out! Leave like 30% in.

If you not happy with your conditioner, it’s not because something wrong with your hair.  Means wrong conditioner for you! Try different ones till your hair loves it! I recommend Ouidad conditioners which made using Nono technology.  Molecules easy absorbable, you just need right one for your type of curls!

Another trick…shampoo not more than twice a week.  Some curls once in two weeks, but conditioner is unlimited. It’s very important! You can’t really over condition your curls.

Check my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWKlbfueq1b-YJjos4f3_Pg  to get more information about your amazing curls!

-Your Yulia, Ouidad Expert and Curly Hair Specialist

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