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Yulia is committed to letting curls be curls while focusing on the individuality of her client and their unique style.

At Inspire Salon by Mia, Yulia can transform your curls like no one else and works with all curls from a Lazy S curl type to a Crimped Kinky curl type. She will remove the triangle off your head and make frizz disappear - even in Florida humidity! She will leave your hair brilliantly beautiful with brave curls to match your look and lifestyle.

Yulia will style your curls keeping in mind the manner in which you desire to maintain them. She will send you home with a knowledge of your own hair type and will share how to maintain your Ouidad hair style by recommending the best products necessary to keep you looking and feeling your best!

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"A great haircut is the foundation to managing curly hair." -Ouidad

Did you know 75% of the population has wavy curly hair and each curly head has up to 4 different types of texture ? Only curly hair can offer enviable texture and the freedom to embrace endless styling options. Let your curls be curls.

My goal is to do my best to transform your hair to easy, not frizzy, style, that you can take home with consideration of your life style. My knowledge of hair care, hair color and 20+ years of experience with curls pairs perfectly with my imagination and sense of style which enables me to craft a style unique to you.

I love what I do and I do what I love - to architect your curls to perfection!

Today, more than 75% of women have curly wavy hair and no curl is the same. Each curl has its own internal structure which controls the shape and flow of your hair. My philosophy is to have the best knowledge of your hair inside and out, insuring that your hair – with its unique curl pattern and distinctive style – stays hydrated, healthy and happy. I understand curls inside and out and over many years of practice, I know how to give you a constructed cut exclusively for your own type of curls or waves, so they will fall perfectly to create a flawless and bouncy style.

Born in the Soviet Union, Yulia graduated with Degrees in Art, Clothing Design, Hair Fashion and Psychology.

In 1999, Yulia migrated from Kyrgyzstan to the United States and landed in Brighton Beach, New York. After only three days, in a brand-new country with a different language and culture, Yulia started a new job as a Stylist in a Russian owned Salon. She quickly realized that there was not much room for growth, in Brighton Beach. The opportunity to develop her craft was limited to the demographic that she served, and she soon moved to Brooklyn where she began working with the “Marina Vons studio on Madison Avenue in Manhattan”. This story of the amazing, new Yulia continues as she learns to speak English while learning to adapt and understand a new and completely different culture.

Yulia continues to move forward acquiring additional diplomas, mastering her trades and gaining experience by working with well-known salons such as “Bumble and Bumble”, “Vidal Sassoon” from London, “Tony and Guy” and working back stage at the Grandiose Hair Design Show with professionals from 110 countries in the Kremlin, Moscow. All this while living and creating a life for herself in the U.S.A.

In her continuing quest to find the best place for herself, Yulia moved from uptown to midtown, where she worked at successful Bon-Bon Salon for four years. Warm weather and the ocean were her calling and Yulia found her dream home in the Sunshine State, Florida where she was attracted to the spectacular ocean views, and cultural global diversity.

In 2002, Yulia was introduce to Ouidad and her entire perspective on cutting hair changed. Ouidad opened Yulia’s creativity and allowed her to think out of the box when it came to cutting and styling hair. Understanding the Ouidad philosophy, Yulia teaches that you know every aspect of your hair. Yulia explains that your hair has a unique curl pattern and a distinctive style and believes that you stay hydrated, healthy and completely happy with your hair, without fighting your natural curl. Yulia adds that there is a unique way of shaping one’s hair so that the hair looks like the beautiful and bouncy curves you see in magazines. This technique is called carving and slicing. Depending on the individual, Yulia utilizes those methods to get the most out of the client’s hair.

Yulia is committed to letting curls be curls while focusing on the individuality of the client and their unique style. Visit Yulia today at Inspire Salon by Mia in Fort Lauderdale and let your curls be curls.

Yulia graduated with Degrees in Art, Clothing Design, Hair Fashion and Psychology.

Yulia is an Ouidad certified stylist with over 25 years of Global Experience.

Yulia’s has appeared on the Channel 10 Morning Show and has worked with an array of hair types and colors.

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"I think the most important thing a woman can have - next to her talent, of course - is her hairstylist." ― Joan Crawford

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"Many people give up on the journey to embracing their natural hair because they’re too busy focusing on their hair crush, or too preoccupied with what limitations their hair has. One of the keys that helped me have such a successful long-term transition to natural hair was being very aware of where my hair was at all times. Although I wished for the days where I could rock a carefree wash and go without heat damage, or pined after the hair of vlogger Hey Fran Hey, I never let that stop me from appreciating my own hair exactly the way it was at every step along the way." ― Christina Patrice, Beauty Blogger

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